Aims and Scope

The journal for the sciences of the moving image and cinema launched the Cinestézia book series in 2016. The general aim of the series is to offer to Slovak readers texts which open-up new horizons in thinking about cinema, be it about particular filmmakers and their works or about various aspects of cinema in general. Texts of about 150 pages (studies, introductions, essays, analysis) from local authors or translations of existing works are considered for publishing.

The journal Kino-Ikon aims to participate in a profound way in discussions taking place in the fields of cinema history and theory via the Cinestézia book series. Collaboration with various cinematic events – festivals and seminars on contemporary cinema as well as on the history of cinema is very important, too. The Kino-Ikon journal’s unique position (main publishers of the journal are the Association of the Slovak Film Clubs, art-films distributor based in Slovakia and the main organizer of the International Film Clubs Festival Febiofest and the Slovak Film Institute, member of the FIAF, which runs the FILMOTÉKA in Cinema Lumière in Bratislava, as well) allows for the Cinestézia book series to take part in a multimedia platform which offers to viewers and readers the possibility to learn about films they watched and about the developments within the film culture. The foundation of this approach lies in the idea that it is no less important to show the history of cinema than to reflect it critically in writing.

Daniel Bird – Michael Brooke

Boro’s Dictionary by Daniel Bird and Michael Brooke presents the oeuvre and creative process of the Polish-born animation artist, director, artist and writer Walerian Borowczyk in twenty-six thematic entries. The character of the publication allows to the authors to deal with the most characteristic aspects of Borowczyk’s oeuvre (such as animation, erotic, montage, poster etc.).

2016, paperback., 86 p., ISBN: 978-80-85187-72-4

Georges Didi-Huberman

Out of Darkness is an epistolary essay in which the French philosopher and art historian Georgers Didi-Huberman addressed László Nemes, the director of Son of Saul (2015). Through analysis of the film Didi-Huberman ruminates on the boundaries and depiction of the holocaust as one of the biggest catastrophes of the 20th century, which Nemes called a “black-hole amongst us”.

2017, paperback., 48 p., ISBN: 978-80-85187-73-1

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